Rendering, architecture, scenography and lighting design

About Electric Gobo

Electric Gobo is a small design and 3d technology studio based in Berlin. Our client history includes ERCO, Thonet, MetaDesign, nVidia and Autodesk.

Why us?

There are many ways to visualise architectural and scenic spaces, be it sketches, renderings or VR worlds - we love them all. On top of a keen eye, our special expertise is a very thorough understanding of scenography and architectural lighting design.

And what is space without light.


Electric Gobo offers visualisation specialized services such as:

- design (concept, scenic, lighting)
- computer generated imaging
- virtual reality environments
- 2d and 3d illustration
- visual programming
- lighting simulation
- technology consulting
- talks and research

(we like 3ds max, Vray, RenderMan, Unreal, Adobe, vvvv and Python)


Feel free to email us to provide some feedback, ask about our services, or to just say hello!